Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tub of Princess Pink Playing Dough, by TicTacDough

One 6oz tub of princess pink play dough donated by

You can view the listing HERE

One beautiful, big homemade tub of Princess Pink Unscented Playing Dough! Perfect for little hands... and big ones too...

6 ounces, in stackable, air tight tub!
Free toy for the playing dough, with every purchase!
Did you know playing with Tic♥Tac♥Dough is not only fun, but educational too? Shhh-- the kiddos don't have to know!

Learning benefits:
• Promotes creativity
• Encourages generosity
• Builds fine-motor skills

Tic♥Tac♥Dough is available in an assortment of colors and scents. From calming lavender to brain-boosting orange; unscented also available! Gluten allergy? Gluten Free available!

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